2015-10-31: Reports indicate EasyCapViewer doesn't work on OS X El Capitan. This would be a good time for other developers to pitch in. I will spend some time investigating too but no guarantees.

2015-08-01: I'm no longer working on EasyCapViewer. Sorry to everyone whose emails have gone unanswered.

The source code is still available. The last released version is here.

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EasyCapViewer 0.6.2

EasyCap Driver for Mac OS X

Many EasyCaps are not officially supported on Mac OS X. This page is for a port of an unofficial, reverse-engineered Linux driver. Many thanks to Ivor Hewitt for his great Linux version.

This driver does not support the DC60+. If you have a DC60+, VideoGlide should work for you instead. Please check the model support table below.

This driver requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later.

EasyCapViewer features

Model support table

Model / Feature Description Vendor:Product ID 1-channel composite S-Video 4-channel composite Automatic channel rotation Sound Live preview Recording
DC60 (Syntek) Composite/S-Video 05e1:0408 Yes Yes N/A N/A * Yes Yes
DC60 (Somagic) Composite/S-Video 1c88:0007 Yes Yes N/A N/A * Yes Yes
002 4-channel composite 05e1:0408 Yes N/A Yes No * Yes Yes
DC60++ Composite/S-Video eb1a:2861 Yes Yes N/A N/A * Yes Yes
DC60+ Composite/S-Video Unknown Use VideoGlide
009 Unknown Unknown Use VideoGlide

The EasyCap DC60 is also be branded as the LogiLink VG0001. This device is supported in EasyCapViewer. However, similar devices such as the LogiLink VG0005 do not work.


Basic Checklist

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of EasyCapViewer
  2. Check the error log by choosing Error Log from the Window menu.



Future Development

Unsupported Devices

If you’ve gone through the troubleshooting steps above, and checked the Product and Vendor IDs, and you have confirmed your device is unsupported, there are still some options. Try searching online with the Product and Vendor IDs to find any alternate drivers (for example, Google "05e1:0408" with quotes).

If you still can’t get your capture device working, I’m willing to add support for (almost) any USB video capture device for $100 US plus the approximate cost of the device itself (including shipping). Please email me (with the device information, including name and Product and Vendor IDs) before donating, to make sure the device qualifies and to make sure you understand the terms. In short: it must be a USB video capture device, and it must have a driver that works under Windows XP. Some device features might not be included (please ask ahead of time).

If you have a device you can’t use, I’d like to give it a good home. Send it to me, and I will count that as a donation equivalent to the device’s cost (if I don’t already have one that’s identical). The driver CD must be included. Please email me for more information.

Planned Development

July 14th, 2013: Due to life circumstances, I'm currently unable to work on EasyCapViewer much. I'm also significantly behind on my email, so many people who have emailed me over the past month have not received a reply. Development will resume as soon as my situation is back in order. In the meanwhile, Fushicai users can download this experimental release. Thanks.


If you’re having problems, feel free to email me. (Please read the troubleshooting section above, first! It can take me a while to reply, so you'll save your own time.) Be sure to mention: