Volunteer Programmer

How does it work?

You email me with a detailed project proposal. I turn it down without even considering it – wait, just kidding. I decide whether I want to take it on. If I do, I'll eventually either send it to you, or post the code online so that everyone can benefit. The code will be under the BSD license unless there’s a good reason not to use it.

What I will do:

What I won’t do:

Volunteer projects I’ve already done for friends:

Larger projects

I’ll consider larger projects in return for some form of compensation. (Update: Please don’t offer royalties, I won’t accept.)


Once you have put together a detailed project description, feel free to email me.

Disclaimer: I may take and use your ideas. If you don’t like that, don’t send them to me. If you send me some of your code, I promise I will do my best to keep it confidential.